"What a fantastic show today. Thoroughly enjoyed watching your amazing horses. Thank you"

RAVEN aka Hispanico

Raven is a pure bred Lusitano Stallion, the UK Lusitano Champion of champions for 2023 and the Champion Lusitano Stallion for 2023 as well.

He plays Bravo ridden by Emma. He and Emma have represented GB 3 times in the MCI European dressage championships. He is the kindest stallion, and loves children- he has a sense of humour and loves to dance in time to the music.

HERO aka Encendido Ancla

Hero is a pure bred PRE Spanish stallion. He was the UK National ANCCE Champion Stallion for 2023. He and Emma have competed in Italy, and he has competed with David in Paris.

He LOVES to show off, piaffe is his favourite thing in the world. He is a big character and has done modelling, and starred in a pop music video recently



Barocco is also a pure bred Spanish horse, he is a gelding and is a schoolmaster in the riding school. He is very kind and gentle and has competed with Emma in Paris. He has modelled for Ted Baker and been on TV several times too


Bon the beautiful black PRMe (Menorcan) stallion is the 1st approved stallion to make his way to the UK from Menorca where he was born, there he was bred and owned by one of the best studs on the island and preformed in their show Somni.

Bon is a very sociable horse and loves working in a team, he is at his happiest when performing for Bravo.

Bon is owned by Chris Johns of Forbes Stock Stud, he is a breeding stallion and available to select mares


Blue the black PRMe (Menorcan) gelding was born in Menorca, where he took part in the traditional fiestas and loved to wow the crowds of people that turned up to see him.

Blue is trained in dressage, show jumping, tackless riding and to work at Liberty.

He is owned by Chris Johns of Forbes Stock Stud. Chris says “ Blue is the one of the best horses I have ever owned, he is brave, bold and always ready to put on a show”


Bloc, is the 2nd approved PRMe (Menorcan) Stallion to arrive here in the UK. He was born on the tiny island of Menorca where he travelled with he previous owner to different venues putting on displays for the public.

Bloc is trained to a high level in Dressage and alongside his roll in Bravo he will be out competing around the UK.

Bloc is owned by Chris Johns of Forbes Stock Stud, he is a breeding stallion and available to select mares.


Jim and Guinness the shire horses have been on TV many times. They featured in the Olympics opening ceremony, and have worked as dray horses for Harvey’s Brewery. They are part of the herd of the 5 shire horses that live here, and love to do experience days with Shire Horse enthusiasts.


This is Reggie he is a pure bred Freisian stallion. He really is a horse from the carriagemasters here at White Horse Farm Carriages. His day job is to pull the carriages for weddings, funerals, proms or on TV. He has appeared on TV many times with Emma and he plays two characters in The Bravo Show - Marzipan and Magic.


Chris is a lusitano horse rescued from Portugal by Emma. He was waiting at the meat factory to be slaughtered when Emma rescued him and bought him back to England. He was very young and lived with the herd here until he was old enough to be backed and ridden. He is very cheeky!! He now belongs to our youngest rider Annabelle who has always had an amazing relationship with him from the minute she first rode him.

"We came to see the show today and LOVED it! Have been telling everyone and recommending to all of our horsey friends"

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